Urgent Care Reviews

My wife and I are really pleased with the convenience and exceptional care that we have received for ourselves and our kids. When the wait to see our PCM is too long, we never hesitate to get a referral to South Georgia Urgent Care Center—and we can go anytime after-hours even without a referral."

-Stationed at Fort Stewart

"As a vacationing senior, needing medical care is a bit disturbing. We were greeted and treated with a welcoming and caring attitude. Clearly your staff understands that medical care includes the human touch."

-Vacationing Senior

"Being that I work 50–60 hour weeks, it’s difficult for me to schedule personal appointments. Having the flexibility I had to visit your location was helpful."

-Statesboro Resident

"We had just arrived in Savannah for a long awaited vacation. I twisted my ankle on the cobblestone and was referred to St. Joseph's/Candler Urgent Care Center. I had to wait less than 30 minutes and received impeccable care. I couldn't believe I received such compassionate care so quickly from someone who wasn't my personal doctor. The bar has been raised!"

-Thankful Visitor

"I love being able to see a doctor after work because my boss really frowns upon me leaving during the day. St. Joseph's/Candler Urgent Care Center is always there for me with professionalism and genuine care. Thank you."

-Savannah Resident

"Being a student at Georgia Southern and away from home, I really appreciated how warm and welcoming South Georgia Urgent Care was. They greeted me when I walked in, called my parents to get our health insurance information, and completed my entire visit in 27 minutes. It was awesome. I highly recommend them."

-Georgia Southern Student

"I walked in, had a drug screen, and left in 15 minutes total time. I will never wait an hour for a drug screen again." 

-Garden City Resident

"I arrived after the lights in the lobby had been turned off, but the door was unlocked. They could easily have turned me away, but they were very gracious, and the doctor saw me immediately. I am so grateful to him and all the staff for their kindness and care. It is great to know there is a trustworthy place to go when my doctor is unavailable." 

-After Hours Arrival

"I am proud to say I'm down 8.8% body fat in the past 6 months since returning from maternity leave . . . knowing the numbers makes all the difference!"


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