Drug Screening FAQs

What are the different drug testing and reporting types/methods that you offer?

  • Instant – We perform the test in our clinic and the results are available immediately to you if negative. If non-negative, we follow your policy for sending the specimen for confirmatory testing at an outside lab. The most common types of instant tests are 5-panel and 10-panel (testing for 5 or 10 common types of drugs).
  • Send out – We collect the urine for the drug screen, but do not actually test it at our clinic. The urine is packaged and sent to the testing facility of your choice – typically by FedEx. Results are faxed directly to your MRO (Medical Review Officer).
    • If we are your MRO, we will provide that service and communicate with you the results when they are available.
    • If we are not your MRO, we will not receive your results.
  • Federal – we follow federal collection guidelines for all drug collections. These tests are all sent to a certified lab.

What if an employee can’t or won’t produce a sample?

Employees are given a three-hour window to supply us with an adequate amount of urine. If they are unable to provide the volume sufficient for testing, we are required to follow “shy bladder” procedures for federally regulated drug screens. These guidelines are detailed on this website: https://www.transportation.gov/odapc/part40/40_193.

Who should receive the drug screen results?

Results are only released to the company’s DER (Designated Employee Representative) whom you list on your information. This is not always the employee’s supervisor.

How long does it take to get drug screen results?

Drug screen processing time can take more than a week for non-negative screens. Possible reasons for this include:

  • Type of screen: Instant versus send out
  • Day of week: At some clinics, we cannot ship send-out specimens on weekends, for example.
  • Lab: Each outside lab processes screens on specific timelines, so processing time is unique to each lab.
  • Additional information needed: Non-negative screens also require communication between the donor and the MRO.

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